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“Children are not a vessel to be filled, but a source to be allowed to flow. Maria Montessori’s thesis is that they should not be taught a specific knowledge, but rather given the opportunity to develop their own intelligence and thirst for knowledge, especially by adapting the environment in which they live.

Imagination at the center of childhood

Maria Montessori said that “imagination is the true and omnipresent manifestation of human intelligence”. According to her, imagination is acquired kinesthetically, that is to say when the child uses and understands his 5 senses. Between the ages of 3 and 6, they learn to develop their imagination. From the age of 6, he begins to build his intelligence from what he is able to imagine. This is an essential step towards the development of the independent adult’s future personality. The child’s imagination is the foundation on which his or her intellectual abilities, sociability and ability to understand abstract concepts are built.

Carpeto play mats as a basis for Montessori education

The Carpeto play mats are designed to encourage the development of imagination in children between 3 and 12 years of age. Our different settings, from the Mysterious Cove to the Space Odyssey, require the child to make an effort of abstraction that encourages great creativity. The 2D printing allows him to imagine the scenes he is the author of in 3 dimensions, which is excellent for the development of his understanding of the space that surrounds him. The softness of the play mats, thanks to their neoprene and jersey component, stimulates the child’s learning in a kinesthetic way by appealing to the sense of touch. The drawn forms and the numerous colors which compose them also go in this direction by calling upon the sight. Many teachers who are sensitive to Montessori teaching methods have equipped their classrooms with Carpeto mats as a teaching tool.