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Carpeto play mats are particularly suitable for children’s professionals: day care centers, schools, leisure centers, media libraries or toy libraries. They encourage learning, manipulation and concentration in children from an early age. This allows the children to understand the space around them and interact together.

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The great + for the children…

  • Non-slip, prevents children from tripping.
  • Playing comfort
  • Anti-dust mite, does not fluff, does not retain dust
  • Promotes concentration, allows for the manipulation of toys used on the mats, a must for Montessori type pedagogy.
  • A place for sharing, collaboration
  • Ideal for a group (reading, story…)

… and for your team

  • Lightweight, flexible
  • Easy to set up and to store (roll up in its cover).
  • Soundproofing / noise reduction Hygienic
  • Easy to maintain: light cleaning (disinfectant spray or sponge), washing machine.
  • Quality, durability

My teams are thrilled! The children are very enthusiastic about the Carpeto play mats: they are easy to store, easy to clean, and they stick to the floor because of their material. Many parents have even asked us where they can get them.

Oriane Macé – Manager – Crèche Nid d’éveil

In 2018, Carpeto was awarded the ALF, L’association des Ludothécaires de France prize at the World Game Festival.

Our game mats are present in many toy libraries or leisure centers throughout France!


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