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“Say Dad, can you help me paint a board for my Playmobils set?” That day, little Hubert had no idea that he had just given his daddy something to do. “I realized that it didn’t really exist in toy stores, while Playmobils and Lego are nearly 50 years old!”remembers Hugues Segond. The idea is in his head. There may be a niche to explore.

Management controller during the day, it is in the evening and on weekends that he will work. Hugues Segond spoke to a friend about it. Carpeto was born in October 2016. I liked the idea of an entrepreneurial approach to a project that referred to essential things,” concedes Charles van Gorkum, commercial specialized in high-tech. A play mat is very simple, but it appeals to children, it takes them away from screens. It gives them a sense of purpose.

For girls and boys

Through their networks, they met Vincent Subréchicot, designer-illustrator in Rennes. “He himself is a young father, and he immediately understood the spirit of our approach: to offer aesthetic settings in which the children’s imagination can fully express itself.”

For the pirate ship? A mysterious cove. For cars and motorcycles, an urban circuit. For horse lovers, a carpet recreating an equestrian center. And for the great escape, a canyon!

“We have found a material that is particularly suitable for miniature games and guarantees their stability… explains Charles van Gorkum. A material close to that of a mouse pad, heavy enough, allowing the pad to be rolled easily and disinfected without any problems.”

Schools, nurseries, pediatricians

For production, they turned to a company in the west of France that masters the sublimation printing process and is capable of handling large formats. “Each rug is printed in 1.20 m by 1.80 m and can be cut to size as needed.” For marketing, they opt for private home sales: the first seventy models sell like hotcakes.

In 2017, the rise continues, especially since the product also appeals to schools, daycare centers and even pediatricians! “We called on an intern from the Rennes School of Business for three months to help with digital communication and to prepare the sales approach to retailers.

To complete the home sales, they select a few independent stores in Rennes(Courte Echelle, Maison de Zazou and Sadel) and the websites chasse-maree.com and oxybul.com. “And for each carpet sold, 1 € is donated to the foundation Espérance banlieues, which creates schools in difficult neighborhoods.

Results: Within one year, 500 Carpeto rugs were sold. A model with a galactic atmosphere will be available soon.

Article written by Pascal Simon(Twitter @PSimonOF) and published on 14/11/2017 by Ouest-France